Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sql Server 2005 Express Data Transfer

Since there is no mechanism to transfer data from one DB to another in Free SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express I thought to write a simple utility to do this.

It’s so simple that you can use with only MS Sql Server and transfer data from one table at a time.

The utility is using ADO.Net SqlBulkCopy class to achieve the functionality.

Steps to transfer the data from one DB to another

  1. Enter DB connection information of both Source DB and Destination DB.
  2. Click Connect
    If there is no error in the connection details it will establish connections to both server and list all the tables in both Db in bottom combo boxes.
  3. Choose the source table from left side combo box and designation table from right side combo box.
  4. Click Transfer.
  1. Work only with Sql server.
  2. Tested only in Sql server 2005.
  3. Both source table and destination table should be similar.